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  • Pas Trop Traditionnel - Check Out Restaurant Les Garçons in Vieux Nice

    Vieux Nice there offers a huge variety of eateries to choose from. One you should not miss out on is Les Garçons.

    Located in the heart of this colourful part of Nice, Les Garçons sets the tone with their motto “Relax, Eat, Enjoy”, and nothing could be truer. With an ever-changing menu and a fresh assortment of drinks, definitely a great place to go!

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  • Anthony Quinn: The “Magnet of Luminous Souls” Turns 100

    One of the biggest acting careers in history started the day an extra on a Cecil B. De Mille film set opined on proper directing.

    Ask any Millenial today who Anthony Quinn was, and they – the generation raised on computer games and Youtube – will rattle off the titles of his movies as if they were today’s chart toppers. Viva Zapata, La Strada, Zorba, Lawrence of Arabia, The Guns of Navarone.

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  • Mark Knopfler to Play the Nikaïa in Nice this May

    Dire Straits’ former frontman Mark Knopfler will be making his guitar cry just for you at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice this May!

    His guitar solos on Dire Straits’s biggest hits including Sultans of Swing and Money for Nothing have turned him into a music legend. Now, 30 years after the release of the multi-platinum Brothers In Arms album, Mark Knopfler is back with his eighth solo effort, Tracker, released in March.

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  • Mauro Gioia: A Tale of Lostland and New Found Land

    A regular at the TNN, the Neapolitan singer-actor-film maker is one of the busiest people in show biz. And one of the most interesting ones.

    To peg Mauro Gioia is an impossible thing. He was born in Milan but is really Neapolitan. He is a musician, actor and film maker but describes himself as a stage designer who tells a musical story. His frame is slight but his voice is huge enough to fill an entire 1,200 seat theater without a microphone.

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  • The Low Budget Men Taking the French Riviera by Storm!

    20,000 Vies and Ville de Nice proudly present The Low Budget Men in concert at the Théâtre de Verdure this coming June.

    The Low Budget Men once again play Nice's Théâtre de Verdure this 25th June, with guests Paul Casey and Doreen Chanter. The guys will be playing around 10 concerts on the French Riviera from April to August 2015, with London being one of the most important destinations of the group’s summer tour.

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Weekly Roundup - March Madness Comes to an End!

Weekly Roundup - March Madness Comes to an End!

Welcome back to another Weekly Roundup, bringing you the best of what's going down on the French Riviera over the coming week.




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GClub in Vieux Nice Definitely Hits the Spot!

GClub in Vieux Nice Definitely Hits the Spot!

GClub is the place to go when in Vieux Nice for a guaranteed great night out, with superb sounds and a fantastic ambience!